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Friday May 25th
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It’s crazy to think that in this very second right now. Someone’s dying. Someone’s cheating on their wife. Someone’s writing a suicide note. Someone just lost their daughter. Someone just got diagnosed with cancer. Someone just got in a car accident. Someone’s pregnant. Someone did cocaine for the first time. Someone just got raped. Someone took another person’s life. Someone hasn’t talked to their dad in years. Someone’s abusing their spouse. Someone’s signing divorce papers. Someone killed themselves. Right there. In that very second, all of that happened somewhere out there in the world.

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Friday May 25th
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Friday May 25th
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I grew up loving Pokemon. I’ll grow old loving Pokemon.

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Friday May 25th
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Even the nicest person’s patience has its limit.

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Friday May 25th
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Thursday May 17th
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I have the munchies.


I have the munchies.

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Thursday May 17th
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Wednesday May 16th
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Monday May 14th
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Sunday May 13th
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